What exactly is Managed Wifi?


Managed Wifi is an outsourced managed wireless network which enables customers, residents, or visitors to connect to the Internet through multiple wireless access points around a workplace, housing, or campus, ensuring that property-wide wireless access is always available. Managed Wifi is usually used for businesses, schools and large public outdoor locations such as city parks. The system consists of individual wireless access points (also known as “keys”) which are connected to a central WAN router. Once connected, users can browse the Internet, send and receive emails, and use any of a number of different wireless devices to access the Internet.

How does Managed Wifi benefit businesses?

Providers of managed wifi give businesses numerous benefits, such as faster data speeds and better coverage for their employees. The managed WiFi provider not only provides Wifi access points to each employee, but also manages their connection to ensure each employee has a high-speed connection to the internet. The company doesn’t have to invest in expensive, high-end Wifi equipment, instead the Wifi provider manages all connections, providing the highest quality connections at a low monthly price. This helps minimize downtime and provides a convenient solution to high-traffic areas.

What are some common Managed Wifi providers?

Names such as Simpatic, Oneways, iControl, Businesswire, and Cybercafe are just a few of the Managed WiFi service providers available. Depending on your particular needs, you will want to choose a Wifi provider that offers flexibility, ease of use and good customer service. As there are several Managed WiFi providers out there, it’s important that you shop around and don’t simply go with the first one you find.

Some students live in dorms, student housing or a shared office space with other students. All of these places have wireless internet service but as with most things, you get what you pay for. Most student housing has a limited range of wireless access points and those that do have access points located far apart. This means when one area has poor cell service, your internet service provider can’t be there to help out. When you turn to a managed wifi provider, you have a team of experts standing by who can come and fix the issue if the signal is weak, outsource the work and handle emergencies.

Managed WiFi providers also handle multiple access points. Why would you want to handle multiple access points? Imagine you’re in a large warehouse where one section needs to be internet ready while another is just not even close. You don’t want to waste resources by having to bring a laptop to each section to complete your job. With cloud-based managed wifi services, you simply create multiple access points and let the software take care of connecting them all. Each access point is assigned to a team of workers who can then be responsible for maintaining the network.

The most important advantage of a managed wifi system for residential buildings is that it enables you to save money on long-term internet charges. It also cuts down on the number of devices you have to keep on hand so you’re not constantly buying new ones. When you use iot devices, you always have to replace them because their battery life doesn’t last forever. With a managed wifi system, you only have to replace the old batteries and never have to worry about internet connectivity again.

Managed wifi services are especially useful in the hospitality industry. Many hotels, inns and food chains rely on wireless internet so they can be fully online in a matter of minutes. If you’re an inn manager or hotel manager, how would you be able to justify paying hundreds of dollars every day for iot adapters and wireless routers? With managed wifi solutions, your internet charges will suddenly become a thing of the past.

  • To get the most from your managed wifi, you should outsource your services to IOT providers.
  • IOT providers have been around for quite some time now and they have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your network reliability is maintained.
  • By outsourcing to IOT providers, you don’t have to worry about managing your wireless network yourself and that way you can focus on other aspects of your business.
  • They’ll take care of the rest so you can focus on developing new ideas and expanding your business.