Video Game Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of altering your web design and content so that it appears higher in the search results. By optimizing your site for the major search engines, you will increase your exposure in the free, or low-cost, search engine listings. There are several components that go into the optimization process. These components include:

Web Design & Development

This involves incorporating SEO friendly elements into your on-site design and development. This includes internal linking, internal page content linking, and off-site optimization. Internal linking refers to simply adding links within your own website that direct users back to additional pages within your site. Internal page content linking involves placing hyperlinks within your own web pages to other web pages that are relevant to your own content. These links are considered ‘offsite’ links and are therefore not included within the main link that the Search Engines use to index your site.

Keyword Research – this is an integral part of SEO. You will need to find high-ranking keywords that your customers are using when they are looking for your product or service. Keyword research is often done through a program called a keyword analyzer. This software tool can be used to analyze the keywords you have chosen and find out what exactly is used by your customers in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

On-Site Optimization – this is the critical first step in SEO. This consists of several fundamental elements. These include title optimization, on-page optimization, page promotion, and off-site optimization. Off-site optimization refers to optimizing your web pages to rank well in Google, Yahoo, and Bing for your chosen keywords.

Title Optimization – many people don’t realize this but it’s actually a very important component of Search Engine Optimization. The title of a web page is typically the first thing a user sees when searching for a particular product. If your page doesn’t come up in the search engine result after a user clicks through to see what you’re offering, then you’re losing a potential sale. In order to rank well with the major search engines like Google and Yahoo, the title tags and meta descriptions of your pages need to be optimized for the keywords you want to rank for.

On-Page Optimization – this is where you optimize your content, your site content, and how you advertise your business on the Internet. This includes things like URL structure, meta descriptions, title tags, and images. This is usually the hardest element of Search Engine Optimization to master. Most business owners fail at this step because they don’t focus enough time and effort into getting it perfect. It’s not something that can be learned in one afternoon.

Link Building and Off Page Optimization

These are two other important foundational elements of SEO. These include the construction of quality links from other websites, the use of anchor text links that contain relevant search terms, and the distribution of press releases and articles that contain relevant search terms. All of these techniques are used by different types of marketing professionals and all of them are integral parts of successful SEO. Without them, your website isn’t going to rank well.

  • Those are the three most important foundational elements of Search Engine Optimization.
  • Every successful online marketing campaign utilizes these three basic elements of SEO in order to effectively deliver their message to their customer.
  • Every Internet marketer should learn voice search optimization, but just in case you haven’t heard of it: this is an essential aspect of Search Engine Optimization and a must for any serious online business.
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