How can you use VoIP Phone Services?

VoIP Phone Service

The VoIP Phone Services market has expanded a lot in the recent times. The demand for better quality services of voice over internet connections have grown tremendously. As the world’s population continues to grow and the economy of various countries also grows, the use of broadband internet connections is expanding at an unprecedented rate. These high-speed connections enable users to make cheap calls even from remote areas. Therefore, with the help of VoIP technology, business owners can conduct business effectively from any part of the world.

A major benefit of making VoIP phone calls is that they can be made at higher speeds as compared to normal telephonic conversations. This allows businesses to save a large amount of capital which can be used for other related requirements. In fact, it has been seen that businesses are able to increase their revenues by increasing the productivity as well as the efficiency of their workforce by adopting auto attendant feature of VoIP Phone Services.

Auto Attendant has emerged as one of the most sought after VoIP Phone Services feature among users. VoIP Phone Services allows an individual to have a virtual receptionist that appears like an actual person working in the office. The App or the platform works by combining the traditional phone calling features with the innovative IP Telephony technology. For instance, an individual who dials an extension will be connected to a real person who will take the call.

There are several disadvantages of using VoIP technology rather than traditional phone service. Some of the disadvantages that are often cited include the VoIP technology having no long distance charges and there is no restriction on the number of simultaneous calls. However, it must be kept in mind that these disadvantages do not outweigh the benefits that are associated with using the VoIP phone system. It should be clearly understood that the primary advantages of VoIP over traditional phone service are cost effectiveness and enhanced efficiency.

Apart from the cost-effectiveness benefit, another advantage is the fact that with VoIP Phone Services, the user need not provide a unique handset number for making calls. This means that with the use of any standard cellular handset, an individual can carry out VoIP calling without having to create a completely unique phone number. In the case of business VoIP Phone Services, this also means that the business owner need not purchase or maintain a separate business phone number. This makes it ideal for businesses that need to have employees telecommuting to and from the workplace.

The cost factor is the other main disadvantage of using VoIP Phone Services.

Since a high speed internet connection is required, it can result in a substantial increase in the monthly broadband charges. Even though VoIP systems are priced at about the same rate as a traditional telephone system, the effect of using VoIP technology is that it reduces the efficiency of the internet connection. As a result of this reduced efficiency, calls made with a VoIP system experience a poorer quality than those made with a traditional telephone system. The reduced quality calls can also lead to a reduction in the productivity of employees.

On the positive side of the debate, both sides of the argument agree that the quality of voice is enhanced by using VoIP. VoIP has been specifically designed to improve the voice quality of users by reducing the Latency which is created when making long distance calls. VoIP technology is based on packet switching technology. Packets are transmitted between end-users and servers via high-speed internet connections and are routed through VoIP transition routers. Through this process, the latency is reduced making the voice quality better than ever before.

VoIP is also used to make emergency calls.

The Digital Phones (SIP VoIP) service offers the features of VoIP and allows people to make and receive unlimited calls. VoIP phones are equipped with VoIP adapters.

  • The advantage of using an adapter is that it acts as a gateway to VoIP Servers thereby forwarding calls to the correct server enabling seamless connectivity to the internet and facilitating VoIP phone calls.
  • Emergency services are the most popular use of VoIP technology and are used for a variety of reasons including business, emergency, weather, and medical emergencies.
  • VoIP phones have a portability factor which is beneficial to individuals who want to make calls from anywhere and are not tied down by any hardware such as cord.