Does Video Game Play Cause Long-Term Brain Injury?


Are video game play and video-game controllers a cause of long-term brain injury or ADD? Many parents worry that their child’s excessive video game play could lead to ADD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. While many studies have found no relationship between video game play and ADD or ADHD, this does not mean that video game play is absolutely safe for your child.

Games like FarmVille and Candy Crush are popular because they require little physical effort.

The games are designed so that children must spend little time engaged in active play, as in taking turns controlling a virtual animal or playing virtual sports. Video games such as these can be addictive and many parents may be tempted to let their child spend more time playing than they are having fun. This is a mistake because these games can actually cause long-term brain damage in children.

What parents need to remember when it comes to video game controllers is that playing video games without any type of physical effort is a very different experience than playing them actively. Kids who spend a lot of time playing online games are not having fun. They are bored, frustrated, and stressed out. They may even be experiencing depression and anxiety. Parents need to stop allowing their child to play alone for hours at a time.

Instead of using video game controllers, parents should teach their kids to engage actively in playing. They need to learn to use their imaginations and develop their skill set to develop the kind of problem solving skills that will serve them well later in life. Parents can help by setting limits and enforcing them.

Parents should also make sure that their children do not spend too much time playing with video game controllers at once.

Video game controllers are not toys but tools, and should only be used to increase a child’s hand-eye coordination. Playing the video game alone for hours is not beneficial because it can cause ADD and/or ADHD. If the child is not spending enough time engaging in playing the games.

There are some video-game controllers that have built-in games that kids can interact with. These kinds of controllers can actually be educational as well as fun to play with. In fact, many experts have reported that playing with games that children are involved with can improve their memory, attention span, concentration, and their overall learning abilities. Video game controllers are great for playing with friends and having fun, while learning new skills that are beneficial in the future.

  • While it may seem counter intuitive to allow your child to play alone
  • A lot more than he or she plays with friends, it can actually be a good idea.
  • One study showed that children who spend a lot of time alone in front of a computer screen are less likely to do homework.

In this way, they can develop problem-solving and problem solving skills while learning more about life. In fact, having fun while learning will actually help them develop better memory and focus.

While there are a variety of studies that link video game play with ADD and/or ADHD, many parents should be careful when drawing conclusions about video game play and children’s development. Children can be healthy, active, creative and interactive and it’s important for parents to let them play while they are still growing. It’s important to be aware that video games can actually help them develop a greater understanding of life in general and will help them be a better learner.